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e. [userpic]
j2; untitled comment-ficlet.
by e. (madeofsequins)
at May 6th, 2009 (02:28 am)
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For may's comment_away prompt "domesticity."

They run into problems the first Monday morning they wake up in the house together. They shower in separate showers but at the same time, and the house is a little old and the pipes are a little off. Jared's shower runs hot at the same time Jensen's runs cold, and Jared's shriek is about an octave higher than Jensen's "what the fuck goddamnit motherfucking what," but they're synchronized and both are loud enough for the other to hear.

Jared started his coffee before he jumped in the shower but only made enough for one. His second cup gets cold when Jensen, lips still slightly blue from his ice bath, enters the kitchen and uses the machine to start his own, some fancy organic Kenya-Guatemalan blend that makes Jared’s Folgers feel like the last kid picked for gym class (or so he claims). They’re both running late by the time the second batch finishes dripping into the carafe, Jensen is chilled to the bone and grumpy as hell, and Jared is undercaffeinated and nursing a scalded shoulder. They bitch at each other the entire drive to work, just this side of unfriendly, and it’s probably a good thing that the first scene they’re filming is the brothers bickering in the Impala.


By Friday, Jensen starts a double batch of coffee, half organic blend and half Folgers, while Jared showers upstairs. As soon as the water stops running, Jensen hops in his own shower, comes out ten minutes later to two bowls of cereal on the table, his half of the coffee poured into his favorite travel mug, and Jared sitting at the table, looking up at him with a grin in his eyes.

“We’re so awesome we’ve got fifteen minutes to kill ‘fore Clif gets here,” Jared says around a mouthful of Cheerios.

“Do we now?” Jensen sidles up behind him, kissing a whispery trail behind his ear and down his neck. They put it to good use.