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Untitled (comment)ficlet (J2, SPN RPS)
by e. (madeofsequins)
at April 22nd, 2009 (03:21 am)
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Supernatural RPS, Jared/Jensen, PG. Vacation and horses.

The trail horses all wear cheap brass bridle tags with their names etched on them, but Jared insists on ignoring the tags in favor of calling his mount "Dean" and Jensen's "Sam." Jensen rolls his eyes but refrains from calling the stocky bay quarter horse "Zip" while Jared's within earshot.

They head to the stable early after eating a breakfast of strong coffee and cornmeal biscuits and are heading down the trail to the waterfalls before eight. They don't talk much, content to let the one-two of the horses' trotting hooves, the chirping of the birds, and the rustle of the cool morning breeze through the trees fill the comfortable lapse in conversation.

When they reach the falls around noon, they dismount and let the horses rest, eager to stretch their own legs, unused to being used in the particular way riding requires. They're going to be sore tomorrow in a way that has nothing to do with hard-earned vacation sex. Jensen checks between Zip's hind legs while he's bending down to loosen the girth. "He's a she, you jackass," he says, straightening back up and running up the stirrups.

"It can be short for 'Samantha,' then," Jared replies, not looking up from his task of replacing Dean's bridle with a halter without the horse breaking free. "It's not really as kinky that way, but it still works." Dean seems more interested in yanking his head free in order to graze rather than escape. "This hungry hippo is a Dean for sure though, right? Look what a pig he is."

They eat lunch under a tree, the falls rushing fast and clear not a hundred feet in front of them. They let the horses' lead ropes fall on the grass within grabbing distance, but the horses seem perfectly content to graze in the sun while the sweat under their saddle pads dries. Dean snakes his head around to nip at Sam when she tries to grab a bite of grass too close to his head, and she responds by flattening her hears back to her head and lifting a hind leg in a threat to kick if his teeth get any closer to her jugular.

Jared grabs a bite out of Jensen's sandwich while he's watching the horses fight. Jensen shoves a handful of grass down the back of Jared's shirt when he turns to grab a bottle of water. Jared is tempted to throw Jensen right into the water for that but worries they might lose the horses if they get too far away, so he stores that idea for later.

It's around two in the afternoon when they get back to the stable, and two thirty by the time the horses are untacked, rubbed down, and put away. On their way to the tack room, Jensen yawns into his shoulder, saddle slung under his arm. "You ready for a nap there, grandpa?" Jared calls from two paces back.

Jensen doesn't answer, just keeps walking. He settles the saddle back on its tree labeled "Zip" and the bridle on the hook above. Once Jared's through the tack room door, he pins him to the wall, aware of the saddle horn digging into his hip but tolerating it for a minute. "Ain't no napping in the wild west, cowboy."

Jared leans into him, chest to chest over the saddle Jared's still holding at hip level, tilts his head down for a light kiss. He laughs into Jensen's mouth and nips at his neck when they break apart. "Let's get on with it then, yeah?" And they do.